Academic Council(Senate) of the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering by the collegial management body of the University.

In its activities, the Academic Council of the University is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine, Decrees of the President of Ukraine, decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other legislative acts of Ukraine, the Charter of the University.

The Academic Council is formed for a period of five years, its composition is approved by the order of the rector of the NUWEE within five working days from the date of termination of the powers of the previous composition of the Academic Council. The organizational form of the Academic Council's work is meetings that are held at least once a month.

Academic councils of educational and scientific institutes may be formed at the university, the powers of which are determined by the academic council of the university in accordance with the charter. The Academic Council of the University may delegate some of its powers to the Academic Councils of educational and scientific institutes.


Tasks of the Academic Council of the National University of Water Management and Environmental Engineering:

1) describes the strategy and promising directions for the development of educational, scientific and innovative activities of the institute;

2) develops and submits to the conference of the labor collective a draft charter of the NUWEE, as well as a decision on amendments and additions to it;

3) adopts the financial plan and the annual financial report of the university, the report on the activities of separate structural divisions;

4) determines the system and approves the procedures for internal quality assurance of higher education, considers issues of the quality of professional training of university graduates and its further improvement;

5) decides on the placement of its own proceeds in the main department of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine in the Rivne region or in banking institutions;

6), upon the proposal of the rector, makes a decision on the creation and liquidation of structural divisions;

7) elects by competition by secret ballot for the positions of directors of educational and scientific institutes, institutes, deans, heads of departments and professors and associate professors, directors of the library, heads of branches and colleges;

8) approves educational programs and curricula for each level of higher education and specialty;

9) makes decisions on the organization of the educational process, determines the terms of training at the appropriate levels;

10) approves the sample and procedure for the production of one's own higher education document, provisions on the procedure and grounds for its issuance to graduates, as well as samples, manufacturing procedure, procedure and grounds for issuing general and double diplomas to graduates;

11) adopts the main directions of scientific research and innovation;

12) evaluates the scientific and pedagogical activities of structural units;

13) confers the academic title of professor, associate professor and senior researcher and submits the relevant decisions for approval to the attestation board of the Ministry of Education and Ukraine;

14) makes the final decisions on the recognition of foreign documents on higher education, scientific degrees and academic titles when hiring pedagogical, scientific, scientific-pedagogical and other workers, as well as when enrolling applicants for training;

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