1. General provisions

STATE HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION "NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF WATER AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING", hereinafter referred to as "NUWEE", which respects our personal data and confidential information. On this page you can find information about what data can be collected and how it can be used. You will also learn how you can verify the information collected and instruct us to remove such information. Data are collected, processed and used in strict accordance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine.

This policy does not apply to other websites, which are accessed through hyperlinks posted on the web portal NUWEE.

2. Collection, use and processing of personal data

We collect information that relates to certain individuals only for the purpose of processing and use, and only if you have voluntarily provided the information or have clearly agreed to its use. When you visit our web portal, certain data is automatically recorded on the NUWEE server for system administration, as well as for statistical or backup purposes. The recorded information contains information about the country from which you visited our website, the name of your ISP, in some cases your IP address, information about the version of your browser software, the operating system, the search website you use. to visit us. Depending on the circumstances, such information allows us to draw conclusions about which audience visits our web portal. However, in this context, no personal data is used, except for data limited to the corporate account of the domain Only anonymous information can be used. If the information is transmitted to the NUWEE to an external provider, all possible technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure the transfer of data in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine on personal data protection.

Any changes to the privacy policy will be published on this website. This allows you to get information at any time about what data we store and how we collect and store it.

3. Data security

By registering by varying your existing account, with the help of external providers, on our web portal, you confirm that you have read the provisions of this privacy policy and accept all its terms without objection, and have given your consent to the processing and transfer of personal data.

By agreeing to this privacy policy, the user confirms that, as a data subject in accordance with the provisions of the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR), he has given his consent to the NUWEE , which acts as a controller or processor / processor or a third party within the GDPR and uses the web portal. , for the processing of his personal data.

During the variation you provide information about: surname; name; surname; pseudonym; email address. And in cases of using a corporate account within the domain additionally: phone; position; involvement in the educational institution. Such data is provided by the user of the web portal when logging in to the system. Data retention period is 12 months. After the expiration date, the data is automatically deleted, except in the following cases: use of corporate accounts within the domain; the user's consent to continue storing such data for a period specified by the system.

If you voluntarily provide us with personal information, we undertake not to use, process or transmit such information in a manner that goes beyond the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine or specified by you in the statement of consent. The transfer of personal data may be carried out only in the manner prescribed by current legislation of Ukraine.

NUWEE undertakes to carefully store your personal data and take all precautions to protect it from loss, misuse or alteration.

On our web portal, we use analytics and other services that collect third-party cookies: Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy), Facebook (Facebook Privacy Policy). Information about users' use of websites (including IP addresses) generated by cookies will be transmitted and stored on the servers of these services.

NUWEE may use your data for informational and informative distribution (weekly news, situational suggestions, digests), personalization of the web portal for certain groups with certain access rights, sending e-mails, consideration of complaints and inquiries about the work of the web portal, moderation comments (messages, discussions). In this case, we may use the data you leave when registering on the web portal, when subscriptions are issued.

4. Use of cookies

We use cookies to improve the performance of the web portal, as well as to provide certain settings of our web portal for each user.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are temporarily stored on your computer's hard drive or mobile device so that you can use our website more efficiently. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you and can be used to identify an individual user. Often, a cookie contains a unique identifier that is an anonymous number (generated in random order) and stored by your computer. Some files are deleted after the website session is completed, while others remain on your computer or mobile device for a longer period of time.

By using our website, you consent to the use and storage of cookies on your device. You can browse our website without the use of cookies, but access to some services for you will be limited.

You can disable the storage of cookies on your device by selecting the "Do not accept cookies" option in your browser settings. Keep in mind that most browsers accept cookies automatically.

For everything else, you can delete cookies that have been stored on your device at any time. For instructions on how to delete cookies, see the instructions for your browser or device.

5. Tracking using the Internet

This web portal collects and stores data for marketing and optimization purposes using Google Analytics technology.

Our analytics system takes into account information from cookies, user IDs (for example, User ID). The storage period in our Google Analytics account is 26 months. At the end of the storage period, the data is automatically deleted.

6. Your inquiries

The stored data will be deleted by the NUWEE after the expiration of the retention period established by law or agreement, or in the event that the NUWEE no longer requires the preservation of certain data. You have the right to request the removal of information about you from the NUWEE database at any time. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the use or processing of your personal data at any time. In such cases, as well as if you have any other wishes related to your personal data, please send a letter to the address: NUWEE, 33028, Rivne, st. Soborna 11, or by e-mail

7. Use of social network plugins

The technical equipment of the pages of our web portal includes plugins of the social network, which is managed from the headquarters of Facebook Inc, located in the United States, California, Palo Alto, Avenue California 94304, 1601 Street (hereinafter "Facebook") ).

These plugins can be "Like" buttons on Facebook. If you visit one of our web pages equipped with such a plugin, your Internet browser will connect you directly to Facebook servers and the plugin registered through your browser will be displayed on the screen. The plugin will transmit to the Facebook server information about which of our web pages you have visited. If you have a Facebook account and you are logged in with your account, Facebook will link this information to your account when you visit our website.

If you use any features of the plugin (for example, when you click "Like" or comment), this information will also be synchronized with your Facebook account.

More detailed information on the collection and use of data by Facebook, as well as the rights and opportunities for personal data protection in this context can be found in the section on personal data protection on Facebook.

To avoid linking the Facebook network to our web pages and further linking this information to your account, you need to sign out of your Facebook account before visiting our web pages.


8. Use of modules built into social networks

Our web portal provides the ability to embed modules ("embedded modules") for social networks, Twitter. Relevant services are provided by Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. respectively ("providers").

Twitter is operated by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. To view Twitter's on-screen buttons and how they look, go to

To enhance the security of your data when visiting our web pages, these plug-ins work like mouse-activated buttons. This form of embedding assumes that when you go to any page of our site that contains such plug-ins, you will not be automatically connected to the servers of the providers. Only if you activate the plug-in and allow data transfer, the browser will establish a direct connection with the providers' servers. The contents of the various plug-ins are then transmitted directly to your browser by the appropriate provider and displayed on your computer screen.

The built-in module informs the provider which page of our web portal you have visited. If you have logged in to Facebook or Twitter under your account while browsing our web portal, the appropriate provider may choose the information that suits your interests, ie the information that you view under your account. If you use any feature of the plug-in (for example, the "Like" button or post a comment), this information will also be transmitted by the browser directly to the provider for storage.

For more information on the collection and use of social media on Facebook or Twitter, and on the rights and opportunities to protect your privacy in these circumstances, see our ISP's data protection / privacy guidelines:

Data protection / privacy guidelines released by Facebook:

Twitter / Privacy Policy:

In order not to connect to accounts on Facebook or Twitter when visiting our web portal, you should log out of the appropriate account before visiting our web pages.

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