Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) запрошує до участі в програмі академічної мобільності (Degree Master)

Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) запрошує до участі в програмі академічної мобільності (Degree Master)

Environmental Engineering
Specialization: Modern Engineering in Water Management

POKAZ - International Joint Degree Master Programme

Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) and Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (KazNARU) offers studies POlish-KAZakh International Joint Master in Environmental Engineering: “Modern engineering in water management”.

This program is a joint initiative of two Universities, which gain a founding from the Polish National Agency of Academic Exchange (NAWA). Giving the possibility of creating an extraordinary, world special program consisting of practical lectures organized in Poland and Kazachstan.

During this program you will be able to apply for:

  • Scholarship for the mobility period
  • Intercultural worships
  • Professional English language course

Aim of the study:

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at SGGW, will launch the new international studies "Modern engineering in water management”. The study starts 1st of March 2021. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering has the aim to offer the students holistic and interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of water management. Specialists from different faculties of Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) and from abroad will present the contents.
Studies are focused on both technical and ecological aspects of the environment, emphasizing the role of the human in shaping sustainable landscapes and ecosystems. Specifically, students will obtain a complex knowledge of the integral approach in water management in the age of environmental droughts and climate change. The program is divided into three semesters. It consists of lectures, seminars, workshops, labworks, and field research conducted in both partner countries: Poland and Kazakhstan.

SGGW is a life sciences university. Our research and teaching activities focus primarily on issues related to agriculture, biology, horticulture, food and nutrition, forestry, veterinary medicine as well as disciplines that strongly support life sciences, such as economics, social sciences, computer science, technology, and engineering. We offer 38 study programs in Polish and several degree programs taught exclusively in the English language.

SGGW provide excellent living conditions as well as modern scientific and didactic facilities comparable to those of the best life sciences universities in Europe. More than 4000 dormitory places are available. Comfortable suites surrounded by various social facilities are perfect to meet the needs of international and domestic students. SGGW campus is one of the best organized facilities of this type in Poland from which in 15 minutes you will reach downtown Warsaw – capital city and the largest academic center in Poland comprising a unique combination of science and business, well connected to many European cities. Thanks to its location in a green part of the city – Ursynów, you can live, learn and spend time in one place. Swimming pool, sports halls, lawns are where in the afternoon and evenings students do sport and integrate outdoor. Our biggest pride is being awarded by international students with the title of a student-friendly university. Find friends for life in your seminar groups, academic circles and student organizations – after all, shared passion connects the most to one another.

Detailed programme of studies

During the M.Sc. programme all students will be studying at two different universities. Courses offered in the first semester will be organised in three modules 1) 1 month join online module 2) 3 months stationary module in Kazakhstan (scholarships paid by NAWA) 3) Field research module part 1 (Drought and deserts in Kazakhstan). The second and third  semesters are organised in Poland and includes obligatory and elective courses; Intercultural workshop in Tatra mountains; Field research module part 2 (Drought and wetlands in Poland); master thesis.

Recruitment requirements

- diploma of engineer of the first-cycle studies (Bachelor's degree or equivalent) in the field of environmental engineering
- diploma of engineer of related field of the first cycle studies, for which the effects of education are convergent with the learning outcomes expected of the candidates; if the convergence is incomplete, the student will be obliged to supplement the competence gaps by completing the subjects specified during the interview, in an amount not exceeding 30 ECTS, which is the limit of admissible discrepancy (Candidates permanently living outside Poland, who cannot come personally to interview, will be qualified on the basis of the documentation attached to the Candidate Service System); 
- in case of number of candidates exceeding the admission limit – in the first place the graduates form first cycle studies in environmental engineering will be addmitted base on the average grade from first-cycle studies; in the second place the graduates form first cycle studies in related fields of study will be addmitted base on the average grade from first-cycle studies;
confirmed knowledge of English language - read more.

Online registration system: http://sok.sggw.pl/?lang=EN

Admission calendar: https://www.sggw.pl/en/for-candidates/recruitment/recruitment-of-foreigners/recruitment-terms

Required documents: https://www.sggw.pl/en/for-candidates/recruitment/recruitment-of-foreigners/documents

Duration: 3 semesters
Date of commencement of studies: 1st March, 2021

Number of the places available:

Tuition fee 2020/2021:
for foreigners: 4 100,00 PLN per semester
for Polish nationals: free of charge                                                                                                                       

Charges for documents, accommodation in a student dormitory, repetition of classes - in accordance with internal regulations.


SGGW admission office: masterstudies@sggw.pl phone: +48 22 593 10 25

Faculty study advisor: wieslaw_ptach@sggw.edu.pl